The Syndicate house Extracts



You won’t have to worry about the calories on this one, but this fatty is a potent one. High THC makes this potent concentrate feel like the fuel that can start your engine, or shut you down for the day. A nutty flavor with hints of coffee, you won’t have to feel guilty about having multiple servings.

Vanilla Frosting

Need we say more? This smooth and tasty concentrate has a flavor profile that everyone can enjoy. The best part of any cake is the frosting. You may even lick the bowl clean afterwards. Doing so will leave you in tasty bliss while your body relaxes and your mind retreats to a state of dessert themed nostalgia.


If you’re looking for a happy and chill state of mind with a flavor of exotic spices and fresh berries, Tart from the Syndicate might be the way to go.  Known for its fast acting effects, this concentrate will leave you feeling content and at peace with the world.

Sour Strawberry

This indica dominant strain will give you the mental focus and satisfying head and body high with a delightful sour bite.  This one is known for being a mood enhancer. So whenever you’re feeling a little sour, reach for the Sour Strawberry from the Syndicate.


Magic Melon

This melon flavored concentrate will show you the magic we put into all of our quality extracts. A cool citrus flavor accompanies this hybrid that settles in your body leaving you feeling refreshed and satisfied.


Double Cup

At the Syndicate, our cup runneth over with a vast selection of Syndicate brand extracts. Double Cup is a potent Indica dominant hybrid with a refreshing citrus flavor that will leave you feeling relaxed and heavenly. You’re gonna want to make this one a double.