The Syndicate house Flower


The Syndicate O.G.

From the very first Shop we owned on Shirley, to now being under construction on our 5th Syndicate. One thing that has always separated us from the pack was the quality of our flower. Not just any strain but the Valley’s best O.G. Indoor high quality bud found no where else but here in the San Fernando Valley. Cultivating this amazing strain for the last 14 years still holding strong to our original genetics. try it Now Available at all The Syndicate locations.


Black Mamba O.G.

Elusive, powerful, and game changing. Rare and often imitated, The Syndicate is proud to announce the return of a Southern California favorite, the Black Mamba O.G. Dark, dense, green and purple buds surround an aromatic and sweet tasting flower with a hint of grape that elevates your body and mind before bringing you into deep relaxation. Get it while you can before this in demand strain disappears again!


White Diamond o.G.

It was only under immense pressure that this strain came to be what it is today. Dense, smooth, light green nugs with a shimmering coating of potent THC crystals covering this beautiful specimen, while raising the potency to levels reserved for only the most seasoned cannabis smoker. Spicy and earthy tones reminiscent of the dankest O.G.’s contribute to an expansive flavor profile that has a smooth resin quality. Back for only a limited time. This Syndicate staple often vanishes just as quickly as it arrives. Be quick or you will miss out on this popular strain.


Ice Cream Cake

Sweet. Smooth. There is  always room for ice cream. The deliciousness of America’s favorite desert placed with care into your favorite plant. Ice Cream Cake by The Syndicate gives you the robust earthy flavors of the dankest OG with the smooth yet stimulating body high.



This one is for the goodfellas. The OG’s. The wise guys. Classy and strong just like you, this indica will leave you feeling relaxed and reflecting on your empire.  High quality flower for a high quality person. Having this in your collection lets everyone know who exactly is the boss.



The Strawberry Split Strain from The Syndicate is as good as it sounds. A deep, robust indica dominant flower, with strong hits of strawberry for a refreshing and mellow body experience. Thick creamy smoke clouds with a citrus berry punch, makes way for a taste that you will be coming back for over and over.



Make way for royalty!  The king of everything purple, this indica dominant hybrid will make you kneel in respect to its power. Bold and nestled among so many potent trichomes, you will understand why this strain is considered a crown jewel. Perfect for the end of the day, the heavy body feeling marries well with the feelings of euphoria. Hail to the king baby.